Our services, care and punctuality

We create one-of-a-kind, personalized and made-to-measure pieces, based on our project or supplied drawing

Blitz Graniti carries out works both in the construction and in the funeral sector. For our craftsmanship in marble, granite and stone, we carefully choose the stone materials to obtain a final product of excellent quality capable of responding to customer needs.

Thanks to the advent of the shaping wire (the first was made by the Candiani company precisely at the request and suggestions of Blitz Graniti snc itself) the company has specialized in the processing of light marble for the nautical sector and in the creation of curved coverings and shapes also complex and large, also collaborating with important sculptors from all over the world. The company today has 5 machines, four with wire shapers and one stationary.

We have specialized instrumentation for particular processes such as conical ones, of high precision for thicknesses and slabs of marble and stone that allow us to contribute to the realization of important works both in Italy and abroad.
Over the years we have become a point of reference for sculpture and handicraft studies thanks also to the ability to work large blocks of stone with precision.

Marble and granite processing

Curved coatings

Silhouettes wall tiles

Lightweight marble

Funeral work

Raw and semi-finished blocks

Lightened marble

Marble can become almost as light as a “feather”, curvatures and shapes make it as ductile as a fabric.
In fact, lightened marble is a versatile material that guarantees the possibility of using stone in architectural contexts that require light materials.
Blitz Graniti is particularly specialized in the processing of “light marble” by carrying out the bursting of both marble and granite slabs up to 2 cm thick, assembled on honeycomb, glass or other supports to obtain a final thickness of 5 mm.
For the nautical sector we create unique and exclusive environments thanks to our leading product, the “light marble” which, in the interior furnishings of boats, ships and luxury yachts, finds its maximum expression, guaranteeing beauty and all the needs of resistance and lightness required by the shipbuilding industry.


Lightweight marble is a highly versatile solution that guarantees:

  • possibility of using stone in contexts where weight is a determining factor
  • flexible and particularly resistant sheets
  • faster installation due to low weight
  • possibility of producing pre-assembled elements for easy installation
  • lower costs for the same covered area

Sectors of use

Thanks to the limited weight, easy installation and superior impact resistance and flexibility capabilities, the lightweight marble panels are particularly suitable for application in environments where weight reduction is an absolute priority:

  • in the naval sector
  • in the creation of tables, surfaces and furniture doors
  • in the linings of doors, walls and the inside of lifts

Marble, stone and granite, symbols of strength and solidity

Eternal and long-lasting, these materials are timeless and have the strength to resist any fashion.
Marble, stone and granite have their greatest value in classicism and lend themselves to infinite variations of use. We create one-of-a-kind, personalized and made-to-measure pieces, based on our project or supplied drawing, according to the customer’s tastes and traditions.

Care, precision and punctuality accompany us in all our work, in full respect of the type of stone we are going to treat, regardless of the size of the product.